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- Car Lockouts

- Home Lockouts
- Business Lockouts
- Home Renovation Hardware
- Fresh Installations
- Lock Changes
- Safes
- Window Locks/Repaired/Installed
- Balcony Locks/Repaired/Installed
- Mailboxes/Desks/Cabinets

- Fixtures




- Master Key Systems/Repair & Install

- Commercial Landlord
- Residential Locks
- Antique Locks
- Large Scale Residential Complex Lock Changes
- Key Copies
- New Keys
- Repair/Replace/Install 













- Doors

- Carts

- Pharmacy Security

- Core areas: plumbing, electrical, maintenance, elevator, tele/data closets

- Patient record storage 




- Classroom doors

- Perimeter doors

- Testing labs
- Test storage areas 




- Military housing/barracks

- Training facilities

- Admin/office building security

- Remote facilities security

- Sensitive and critical areas

- Ammo dumps/stations 






- Exterior/perimeter door security

- Showcase/display cabinet security 






- Dorms/Student Residence
- Admin, Maintenance

- General door security

- Athletic cages and remote storage areas
- IT areas 





- Substation security

- Gate security

- Critical remote areas security 





- Room for multiple buildings under the same key system

- Mixed use building space

- Community Centers
- Public Safety buildings
- Admin buildings

- County/City offices 





- Apartment/Condo key system management

- Cores areas: plumbing, electrical maintenance, elevator, etc... 







Introduced in 2003, the Medeco3 technology added a secondary locking element lock and key for even greater security and keying capabilities. Medeco3’s patented high security technology provides protection against unauthorized duplication of keys. 



Medeco DuraCam and HD Keyways

Unique design and thicker keys provide added durability for those applications that require both high security and extreme durability. DuraCam’s patented high security technology provides protection against unauthorized duplication of keys.



Medeco Biaxial

Medeco’s second generation of high security designs, Medeco Biaxial enhanced the orginal Medeco design to once again raise the bar in the security industry.



Medeco Original

The revolutionary design that changed the security industry and gave consumers a whole new level of security and key control. 




Key Control

Interchangeable Cores

Interchangeable Cores





Our system of true key control offers the highest possible protection combined with superior keying capabilities. A simple upgrade to Medeco X4 gives you patent protection against unauthorized key duplication until 2027. 



Uses Existing Hardware

Medeco offers the largest selection of retrofit cylinders, which reduces cost by eliminating the need to replace your existing hardware. 

Cam Locks




High Security – UL Listed

Medeco® High Security UL Listed cam locks are ideal for applications that require the highest level of protection against physical attack. These locks feature solid machined brass cylinders with hardened steel inserts to protect against drilling, prying and other types of forced entry.



High Security – Non-UL Listed

Similar to the High Security UL Listed series, Medeco High Security Non-UL Listed Cam Locks are manufactured from solid brass to provide durability and lasting performance. These locks incorporate the same high security operating design found in the UL Listed products without the added cost of hardened drill resistant features.



Medeco Biaxial HD Keyway

Medeco Biaxial HD Keyway Cam Locks feature a wider keyway and an extra heavy duty key for extreme applications requiring higher torque strength. Keys for Medeco Biaxial HD Cam Locks are 33 percent thicker than standard Medeco Biaxial keys. 

Cam Locks





The Medeco® DuraCam series was specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the gaming industry. With a 1/8 inch thick key cut on the broad side instead of on top, DuraCam offers one of the strongest keys in the market; guaranteed against breakage.



7 Series Removable Core

Medeco cam locks are also available with a Removable Core feature. This allows the core of the lock to be changed quickly, providing an entirely new combination. Removable Core cam locks are recommended for applications where immediate action is required when keys are lost or stolen.




Medeco® MVP cam locks are designed to offer a cost effective solution without compromising on key control and pick resistance. MVP cam locks are manufactured from high density zinc die cast, and offer the same key control advantages as well as pick resistance of standard Medeco cam locks.



Medeco T-Bolt Cam Lock

Medeco T-Bolt cam locks are designed for use in desk drawers or other applications requiring vertical or horizontal motion of the bolt (cam) to unlock. Similar in function to deadbolt cabinet locks, T-Bolt cam locks are ready to fit the same standard 3/4 inch double D hole prep as conventional cam locks. 180 ̊ clockwise rotation of key retracts bolt 5/16 inch. Medeco T-Bolt cam locks are UL Listed and available in both key retaining and non-key retaining. 

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