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Get a $20 Certificate for FREE!


So we’re doing something a little crazy at


For a limited time, we’re giving away $20 certificates for free. Yup, I said free.  And you don’t have to do much to get one. Do you have a website, Facebook page, Google+ profile, or blog? All you have to do is post a quick promotional overview about Bill the Locksmith to your site, include a link to our webpage, let us know you’ve posted it via email, and we’ll send you a coupon code for 100 free business cards!




To re-cap, here’s all you have to do:

  • Put a link on your Website, Blog, Facebook Timeline, or Google+ Profile that links to us ( and include a quick blurb about us or our contest.

  • Email us at letting us know the blurb is up on your website along with the URL so we can check it out and verify.

  • You’ll receive a coupon code to use for $20 off during your next service with us.

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