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Bill is proud to be a cardholding Medeco security specialist!


Medeco’s Approach


The security of any locking system is dependent upon two very important factors.


The first is protection against attacks such as picking, drilling, bumping and forcing.


The second is the ability to control duplication of existing keys.


Historically, unauthorized key duplication has played a major role in compromising even the most sophisticated security systems. Anyone with even temporary access to original keys has no problem getting duplicates made for their own use if the keys and key blanks are not patent protected. Even stamping “Do Not Duplicate” on a key merely warns someone not to copy the key – it is not a promise of legal protection

or enforcement.


The only way to ensure that keys cannot be copied without the consent of the owner is a key system with patent protected keys. 





Medeco has counteracted the key control problem by doing three things:


  • Medeco manufactures cylinders which use keys that must be made on special key cutting machines. These machines are capable of reproducing the angled cuts and critical tolerances necessary to produce a workable Medeco key, and are not found at general hardware stores.


  • Medeco sells its high quality, precision machined cylinders and locks only to security industry professionals. Every restricted Medeco key blank is custom coined and tracked by Medeco to identify it as an authorized key blank which protects against unauthorized copies. 


  • Medeco invests heavily in research and development to establish strong patents and legal agreements to protect its locks and key blanks from unauthorized distribution or manufacture. In this way, Medeco can litigate to protect its rights and the security of its customers. 

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